Remote Project Management with Ben Aston

Whether you’ve been managing projects remotely for a long time, or you were flung into it when Covid-19 forced you into it, you know that keeping details, tasks, people, and projects on track from afar can be a challenge. There are, of course, some tactics you can employ to make the job easier, but what it comes down to is that remote project management requires you to lean on your PM skills and intuition.

In this episode of Time Limit, Brett welcomes Ben Aston from to talk about remote project management. It’s a wide-ranging conversation that covers:

  • Can project managers work remotely?
  • The basic requirements of remote project management
  • How to manage remote meetings
  • How to run retrospectives or post mortem meetings remotely
  • How to connect with your team remotely
  • Remote project management tools
  • How to show your value as a PM from afar

Time Limit

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