The Zebras that Create Purposeful Content

Imagine wanting to write a book that helps people grow professionally, starting a blog for it, and then slowly realizing you can make a whole business out of it. Oh now that I come to think of it, isn’t this what Ben Aston at Black + White Zebra did beautifully?

What started in 2011 as The Digital Project Manager, is today a fully bootstrapped company providing communities thought leadership in emerging digital disciplines. They turn typically boring and uninteresting things into fun activities to learn and grow. Ben believes that today people do not just want to save time but also focus on personal development and professional growth.

A man who loves being his own boss, and believes in compact teams, tells his side of the story in a very candid conversation with Vivek Khandelwal. Tune in.

Own Thy Audience

Publishers! Hey here, listen! We know you are scared. The economy is having one of the craziest rides of all times, and the walled gardens are of course your biggest threat.

But this is not the time to sit down and mourn over the losses. This is your time to rise and take the reins.

With screen time increasing like crazy, it is one golden opportunity to seize. Here we bring to you stories that will force you to think and take a step towards building your audience.

And, if you already are there, we will tell how to retain them.