the mongol centre, originally uploaded by benaston.

Ok, so the title might be a little misleading, but let’s look past that. This is truly brilliant – how many times have you seen a Mongol Centre? This is definitely the first I’ve seen; I’ve no idea what even happens in a Mongol centre, but it must be good, it has to be, because there are two, right next to each other, doing their Mongoling thing. Wonderful.

I’m struggling slightly to work out how this happened – were there two Mongols, each building a centre but keeping under wraps what they doing until the launch day, and it was only then that they realised that they’d both built themselves a Mongol Centre right next to each other?

Or was it an enterprising Mongol, not content with there being just one Mongol centre, who thought to himself, ‘what we could really do with, is a Mongol centre’. So he went to work, and created himself a Mongol centre. Seeing as the other centre was doing so well, he concluded the best place to have his new Mongol centre would be right down next to the other one.

I don’t get it. Maybe that’s because I’m not Mongolian. I do like Mongolian BBQ’s though.


Ben Aston

Ben Aston

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