Riding a Shetland pony, originally uploaded by benaston.

When you spot a Shetland pony ambling about in a field, you’d be forgiven for mishearing them gently neigh; ‘Would you mind hopping on? I’d like to take you for a ride.’

It’s certainly happened to me a few times, and so I thought it was only fair that I shared my knowledge with you all so that you too can enjoy these diminuitive beasts to the full.

Obviously Shetlands are small, which makes them ideal for a quick ride on those rare occasions when you’re not equipped with your saddle.

Note how in the picture above I approach the pony – with care and considersation, you can tell that just by the look on my face. Rather than vaulting onto the pony from behind as you may be tempted, It’s important to approach from the side and casually lift your leg over, whilst continually doing that pat thing to keep the pony calm.

If you actually manage to get on the pony, you’re doing better than me. They just keep running away.

Maybe next time.

Ben Aston

Ben Aston

Ben Aston is a digital project manager and online entrepreneur. He's the founder of Black + White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed. Ben brings over 15 years of experience in both strategic thinking and tactical implementation from a career at top digital agencies including Dare, Wunderman, and DDB.

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