Critical Project Management Decisions for Agency Owners

Ben Aston is a serial entrepreneur with plenty of project management chops. For one thing, he’s used The Digital Project Manager to provide mountains of information to people on this very important, very useful subject. He’s also the founder of Black & White Zebra, a digital media publishing company based in Vancouver that runs a community for project managers and digital marketers.

Project management can be the bane of many an agency. Figuring out how to get a handle on it so that all client work gets delivered and delivered well can be a challenge. If you’ve been struggling to find a system that works well for your company, then tune in to today’s podcast.

The highlights:

[1:40] Why Ben built The Digital Project Manager.
[2:42] Skills for effective project management.
[4:03] The right time to bring on a project manager to your agency.
[6:48] Choosing the appropriate project management styles.
[9:36] The benefits of choosing a niche.
[11:07] A common project management mistake.
[16:20] Community building.
[20:23] Ben’s cause.

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