You can’t beat the excitement of finding a well-foraged truffle or nugget. Contained herein are a few tit-bits to inform, persuade and be. Seeing as I’ve done the work, I see no point in keeping it to myself so here it is; plagiarise at will.

This work, although my own, does not necessarily reflect my current views or opinions. That said, if I have made an exceedingly good point, it was probably because I meant to. This work made up my BA Politics and International Relations (joint Hons.) at Sussex University between 2002 – 2005. A delightful resource, a friend: a truffle & nugget.


What is the Impact of Corruption on Economic Development in South East Asia?

Book Review: Larry J. Sabato & Glenn R. Simpson – Dirty Little Secrets

Is Deafness a Culture or a Disability?

How Can We Explain the Emergence of an EU Citizenship?

What is Structure and Agency? How Does This Framework Help Us In Political Analysis?

Policy Models: Rational Decision Making Model: Case Study ? Soccer Betting in Hong Kong

Can We Apply the Concept of Citizenship to the EU?

How Can We Explain the Emergence of an EU Citizenship?

How Does Community Law Affect National Sovereignty?

How Useful are Theories of Integration to Understanding the Development of the EU?

Account for the shift towards democratic forms of government in much of the third world.

Are the political systems of developing countries intrinsically clientelist?

In which respects are we equal and in which respects should we be?

Is the Individual the best judge of what they should be free to do?

In what ways does the present Electoral Law in Britain affect Voting Behaviour?

What are the key differences between ?Old? and ?New? Labour?

What is the role of the Monarchy in modern Britain?

International Relations

To What Extent Can the Genocide in Rwanda Be Understood Within the Context of Globalization?

Critically assess Kaldor’s assertion that new wars have to be understood in the context of the process known as globalization

To what extent are China and ASEAN States partners and to what extent are they rivals?

?The best hope for developing countries to attain economic growth is through integration into the world economy. And their tool, if only they are willing to use it is?the multinational company’. Discuss.

Explain the emergence of International Political Economy as a field, and why, if at all, it is relevant today?

Discuss the claim that international order among states can be maintained through international organisations.

What does a gendered division of labour within the state have to do with international politics?

To what extent was the Gulf War provoked by external forces?

How Fundamental Change is Globalisation?

Why is the French Revolution regarded as such as important event in modern international history?