News from f8 – Facebook’s Timeline and the story of your life

Probably the biggest news from Facebook’s f8 conference is a totally redesigned Facebook profile page based on telling ‘the story of your life’ over time, through something they’re calling Timelines; strangely reminiscent of Nokia’s Lifeblog app or HTC’s Footsteps app. There’s a fundamental shift; Facebook isn’t just about statuses any more, it’s about stories. According to Zuckerber, it’s ‘The story of your life.’

Responding to a lot of the criticism that Facebook is boring and un-engaging, they’ve tried to re-create some emotional engagement with Facebook by creating tools to enable people share their important ‘Life Events’ such as getting engaged, buying a home, getting a pet, or even breaking a bone. Interestingly, they’ve also given people more of a chance to express their personality with a bit of ‘MySpace-ing’ by allowing people customisation of the look of their profile page with a huge header banner.

Timelines haven’t been rolled out to hoi polloi, but if you’re keen to try them out, you can get a sneaky preview by following the instructions described here.


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