Das Swedaustrian hochzeit von Martin unt Wursula Persson

By June 13, 2011Diary

Following ze recent Mexico wedding jaunt we thought we’d continue our international summer wedding tour with a trip to Austria via Munchen so I could drive really fast in a BMW on ze autobahn. Just across ze border and down ze road from Salzburg, nestling next to a lake, (named after Ursula’s teddy beer*) where the hills are alive with the sound of music, is Zell am Moos.

It was my first euro-wedding experience; a cornucopia of beer, sausage and cold meats. What made this one even more brilliant was the delightful fusion of euro tradition; The Swedes instigated everyone racing to kiss the bride (or groom) when the other spouse was otherwise engaged spending a penny. The Austrians drank lots, which may explain why they didn’t quite get around to in getting everyone on board with their tradition of stealing away the bride to a local pub, to sing and drink while the groom has to find her. And as for the British contingent, well, we just smiled politely.

She’s a lovely Persson. Ursula.

*may be a misunderstanding, but it’s definitely something like that

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