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June 2011

Being Bob at the Olympics

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Tesco triathlon timesheet, originally uploaded by benaston.

Today I was a (Sponge) Bob along with the Nickelodeon crew at Tesco’s Help for Heroes triathlon at Downey lake, Eton, the rowing venue for the 2012 Olympics.

I got the longest leg of the Olympic distance triathlon, cycling. Despite a nasty headwind, I managed an average speed of 18mph over the 24 mile course bringing me home in 1hr 22mins.

Might have to find another way to get to the Olympics next year.

The day Inspector Helen Corbett stole my bike

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Inspector Corbett stole my bicycle, originally uploaded by benaston.

I’ve had bikes stolen a few times. I’m all to familiar with the sinking feeling you get when you realise that either your bike has grown wings and flown away or someone has taken it from you and forgotten to tell you.

But whilst I’m familiar with bikes going walkies, yesterday was the first time that I had my bike stolen by a policeman. And no ordinary policeman, a policewoman, an Inspector; Inspector Corbett, Helen Corbett.

It’s a bit of a sad story. Yesterday I went to Wimbledon to watch a spot of tennis. I thought I’d ride my bike down and lock it up on a roadsign. Little did I know that Inspector Helen Corbett would decide to apply her anti-terrorist training to the situation and after positively identifying my bike as a potential bomb threat, decide it would be best if she broke my lock, take my bike away and park ‘the potential bomb threat’ next to the police station, so that in the event that it blew up, as many policemen and policewomen could be killed as possible.

Luckily Inspector Helen Corbett left a helpful sign up next to the place where she’d stolen my bike which informed me that my ‘unattended’ (no mention of the fact that it wasn’t so much unattended as it was locked up) bicycle had been removed to Wimbledon Police Station. So after a long walk, and a chat with a Policeman who told me it wasn’t his fault, it was Inspector Helen Corbett’s fault because she was scared of the IRA bombs, I got my bike bomb back.


Except, there’s still the issue of the broken lock. And apparently, when the Police steal things (like your locked bike), they can’t give you a crime reference number for your stolen bike and broken lock, they can only give you a piece of paper with Inspector Corbett’s name on. And that meant I then wasted ages trying to find out who Inspector Corbett was on Google.

So please Inspector Helen Corbett, can you give me a new bicycle lock, like the one you broke, so it doesn’t get stolen by the other people who steal bicycles? I’d like this one please


Wimbledon in 3D – join the hunt for Wimbledon finals tickets at

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35 days, 2 handfuls of wedge, and 1 re-shoot later, the all-consuming (but fantastic) project I’ve been rather supremely project managing, bounc3d, has finally gone live! Check out

This video is just one component of the campaign I’ve knocked up with a bit of help from fellow Crayons which includes the viral video, website, online game, press ads in London and national press, tennis ball hand outs at London stations and shopping hubs, Sony Facebook takeover, Sony Head Office takeover and viral seeding with Go Viral and Unruly. We’ve been doing a lot of crayon-ing!

The campaign was created to celebrate the Wimbledon Finals being filmed in 3D by Sony and broadcast on BBC HD for the first time. We’ve created an online tennis ball hunt with some great prizes including Wimbledon finals tickets and lots of Sony stash up for grabs. We’ve released thousands of virtual tennis balls all over the internet. Every tennis ball you catch gives you an entry into the prize draw, as well as a chance of winning spot prizes along the way. So the more balls you collect, the more entries you get into the prize draw and the better your chance of winning. Visit to sign up and start playing the game – or just click the bounc3d ribbon on the right of the screen.


Das Swedaustrian hochzeit von Martin unt Wursula Persson

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Following ze recent Mexico wedding jaunt we thought we’d continue our international summer wedding tour with a trip to Austria via Munchen so I could drive really fast in a BMW on ze autobahn. Just across ze border and down ze road from Salzburg, nestling next to a lake, (named after Ursula’s teddy beer*) where the hills are alive with the sound of music, is Zell am Moos.

It was my first euro-wedding experience; a cornucopia of beer, sausage and cold meats. What made this one even more brilliant was the delightful fusion of euro tradition; The Swedes instigated everyone racing to kiss the bride (or groom) when the other spouse was otherwise engaged spending a penny. The Austrians drank lots, which may explain why they didn’t quite get around to in getting everyone on board with their tradition of stealing away the bride to a local pub, to sing and drink while the groom has to find her. And as for the British contingent, well, we just smiled politely.

She’s a lovely Persson. Ursula.

*may be a misunderstanding, but it’s definitely something like that