Harry Hippo and Ben Potter

By February 17, 2011Reviews

Harry the Hippo, originally uploaded by benaston.

I often forget I’m an artist at heart. Thankfully, when I went to visit Granny this weekend, I chanced upon what is perhaps one of my more iconic pieces; Harry the Hippo.

It’s a solid, robust piece, but asks serious questions of the viewer – what is a hippo? At the time of Harry’s birth (circa 1990), I think this was probably a very pertinent question and one that’s yet to be fully resolved.

Nonetheless, Harry provides an interesting discourse on the hippo; friend or foe? A passing glance allows you to lock eyes with his haunting cross-eyed vacant gaze. The visual feast then unfolds. You’ll find yourself exploring the vast cavernous extremities of the hippo’s mouth and lose yourself in the blancmange deepness; so pink, yet so dark. An enigmatic beast.


p.s. I think someone has probably still got a coil pot I made (red and yellow) from 1992 that I could ebay if anyone’s interested? Also, available for commissions and stuff if you like my work, pottery or lino printing, that kind of thing.

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