I am a tomato

7 Sep

Tomato harvest, originally uploaded by benaston.

It’s harvest time at Aston Villa. After 4 months of watering love, the tomatoes are in full bloom. Chutney in Putney coming right up.

On a chutney fact-finding mission I embarked on today, I discovered chutney comes from the hindustan word chutni. Right now that’s about all I know about it. Come Saturday though, you’ll be able to call me chutnigella, as I’ll be totally sumptuous with the tomatoes and knock up something truly simple yet make it look really difficult.


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  1. Jon September 15, 2010 at 11:02 am #

    This article is great, love the way you take your simple art of growing something, and turn it into an interesting little insite into your world of ‘tomato’s’.

    Whats next? I would like to read your next article ‘Chutney 101’

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