Apple Ping – well done Steve

By September 2, 2010Conjecture

Apple Ping – well done Steve, originally uploaded by benaston.

Has Steve Jobs completely lost it with Apple’s new iTunes 10 offering – Ping?

According to Steve, they’ve come up with something completely revolutionary. Get this; Facebook meets twitter meets music – social networking for music. Wow. Ingenious!

Apparently… ‘There’s not a great way to do that [sharing great music – artists, tracks, concerts]’; He then suggests people are currently using email for music networking and cleverly concludes that there must be a better way.

Does Steve really think people are going to forget about the little elephants in the room who are sulking in the corner- MySpace; Spotify or most pertinently, and suddenly decide to use iTunes 10 instead? Suggesting social networking for music is something new and that Ping is somehow revolutionary is mad.

Deluded Jobs. But will anyone bother? Not me.

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