Manbags beckon – the Apple iPad has landed

27 Jan

apple ipad, originally uploaded by benaston.

How’s that for an over-sized iPod Touch?

In all its glory, here is the Apple iPad, which does pretty much everything an iPod Touch will do, only it’s on a proper sized (24×19cm) screen – so it won’t fit in your pocket.

This is probably good news for all you manbag makers out there – there’s going to be a lot of people carrying these things around, who have never before needed a manbag. Now, armed with their iPad, and with repetitive strain injury after casually carrying it in their hand for the first two weeks, they’ll realise that a manbag is in order.

That is of course, unless we should really be likening the iPad to an oversized iPhone, seeing as it comes in a 3G version – but can you really imagine walking down the street (after you’ve lost/broken your headset) holding this to your ear? Nor me.

The thing that’s really missing from the iPad is the humble USB port. You’d be forgiven for just assuming it would be on there somewhere. But it’s not. It’s mad that a device that’s this expensive ($499) and steps on the toes of all the netbooks out there requires an additional adaptor to connect to upload pictures direct from a camera.

Apart from that though, yes please.

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  1. Mark January 29, 2010 at 12:16 pm #

    I can’t wait for Jack Bauer to use one either, obviously tucking it away in his own man bag!

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