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January 2010

Manbags beckon – the Apple iPad has landed

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apple ipad, originally uploaded by benaston.

How’s that for an over-sized iPod Touch?

In all its glory, here is the Apple iPad, which does pretty much everything an iPod Touch will do, only it’s on a proper sized (24×19cm) screen – so it won’t fit in your pocket.

This is probably good news for all you manbag makers out there – there’s going to be a lot of people carrying these things around, who have never before needed a manbag. Now, armed with their iPad, and with repetitive strain injury after casually carrying it in their hand for the first two weeks, they’ll realise that a manbag is in order.

That is of course, unless we should really be likening the iPad to an oversized iPhone, seeing as it comes in a 3G version – but can you really imagine walking down the street (after you’ve lost/broken your headset) holding this to your ear? Nor me.

The thing that’s really missing from the iPad is the humble USB port. You’d be forgiven for just assuming it would be on there somewhere. But it’s not. It’s mad that a device that’s this expensive ($499) and steps on the toes of all the netbooks out there requires an additional adaptor to connect to upload pictures direct from a camera.

Apart from that though, yes please.

Steak Smorgasbord

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Steak Smorgasbord, originally uploaded by benaston.

Following a slightly disastrous foray into the wilds of Clapham Common in search of steak, we went hunting, found a cow and asked it if it wouldn’t mind sharing a couple of fillet steaks with us.

The cow was very accommodating and so it was that we returned to Aston Villa with some fat steaks pictured above.

The cow was delish.

Boris Johnson does a David Cameron

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Boris Johnson does a David Cameron, originally uploaded by benaston.

‘We can’t go on like this’ either.  I’m tired of the first Conservatives outdoor already, and we’re only a week in.

It’s partly due to the fact that David Cameron has been over air-brushed. Ordinarily I’m all for airbrushing – everyone should be allowed to be beautiful in print, but David’s taken it a tad too far. It’s the forehead. It’s too silky smooth. And the eyes. They’re too vacant.

Onto the actual ad itself, I’m disappointed they’ve gone for a bit of a rehash of the classic ‘Labour isn’t working’ but not done it so well. Instead it just sounds like someone whining. And the messaging is a bit too convoluted too – are they talking about reducing the national debt or increasing the budget for the NHS?

On the other hand, had they not made it, I’d have never of happened across this little Boris gem on the site which captures Boris beautifully.

Vote Boris.

Boys 1 – 0 Girls (Lest we forget)

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Boys 1 – 0 Girls, originally uploaded by benaston.

Can point out please, that the boys won the first match in the boys v girls weekly games tournament.

Could it have been that the boys finally had the strength in numbers required to topple the girls?

Or should we discount that, because the rules clearly dictate that due to limited gamesmanship skill, Laurence can only count as half?

Watev. Hurrah.

Hello 2010.

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Ben is a T-Rex, originally uploaded by benaston.

What better way to begin the year than with a decadent costume?

I thought there was probably nothing more extravagant than a T-Rex at a ‘decades’ themed party. It was pushing the boundaries of the theme slightly, but when is a T-Rex, the most majestic of beasts, ever really out of place?

Yes, it is a crocodile costume, but it’s all about the way you wear it.