Billie Piper, baby Winston – why I’m upset

21 Oct

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a celeb in possession of a child must be in want of an unusual name. There’s been a spate of attempts to go for something devastating original – naming it after a piece of fruit, or at least some sort of little known appendage.

It didn’t come as a complete surprise then, to discover that Billy Piper named her son Winston. After all, how many Winston’s do you know?

But that’s the problem. Winston, in some circles referred to as ‘the miracle fish’ was clearly born first and it seems slightly inappropriate for Billie to try and steal Winston’s thunder by using his name. A close friend of Billie suggested she named it Winston, ‘because we want to’ although she may have been referring to her chart success in ’98. Whatever.

Winston is reported to be un-phased by the incident.

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