Lo and behold, our friend Winston

By October 16, 2008Diary

our friend winston, originally uploaded by benaston.

It came as a bit of a surprise, but on Sunday, one of the Molly’s gave birth to a beautiful fry who we’ve named Winston. No eggs, it just popped out. Winston’s mother seems a little embarrassed about the whole situation and is yet to identify herself.

There are two interesting things about this:
1) it’s only mammals that give birth to live young isn’t it?
2) we had no idea that the fish were pregnant in the first place

Despite a few early scares in which Winston was spotted swimming perilously close to the jaws of his Mother, he now seems to have successfully made the transition from swimming in amniotic fluid, to water, without a hitch.

In a blog entry spotted on the interwebsuperhighway, Winston describes himself as ‘ambitious and hungry’.

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