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October 2008

I see dead people

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It’s all a bit insane membrane. Plastination meets cadavers in another one of the slightly creepy Gunther von Hagens’ exhibition at the 02.

If you ever wonder what’s underneath the skin; what an aneurysm, stroke or heart attack actually look like, then this is definitely worth a visit. And it’s not remotely creepy, the bodies look more like plastic than flesh and bone.

As we’ve all learnt from Simba, it’s about the circle of life, people getting old and dying. Fortunately, there is a horse and perhaps more interestingly, a giraffe to provide some comic relief.


Walkman scoops a silver in the Campaign BIG Awards 2008

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My penchant for producing award winning interactive advertising continued, in what is sure to be the first of many awards for the Walkman Project. I (well I wasn’t there because I’m not important enough, so Dare) picked up a Campaign BIG award silver in one of the most hotly contested categories – Consumer Durables and Furniture.

The pain was worth it; almost anyway. A big shout out to BRPB who made it all possible.

Billie Piper, baby Winston – why I’m upset

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a celeb in possession of a child must be in want of an unusual name. There’s been a spate of attempts to go for something devastating original – naming it after a piece of fruit, or at least some sort of little known appendage.

It didn’t come as a complete surprise then, to discover that Billy Piper named her son Winston. After all, how many Winston’s do you know?

But that’s the problem. Winston, in some circles referred to as ‘the miracle fish’ was clearly born first and it seems slightly inappropriate for Billie to try and steal Winston’s thunder by using his name. A close friend of Billie suggested she named it Winston, ‘because we want to’ although she may have been referring to her chart success in ’98. Whatever.

Winston is reported to be un-phased by the incident.

Cold War Modern – V&A

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Cold War Modern – V&A, originally uploaded by benaston.

After a 3 week long buzz campaign about secret agents and the like, the 7th Syndikate, revealed all the fuss was about the new Cold War Modern Campaign at the V&A.

I have to confess I opted out of the flashmob rendez vous in bowler hats but the friendly chaps at the V&A offered me some tickets to the exhibition anyway.

The exhibition is all about the impact of the Cold War on art, design, architecture and film, which was more interesting than I thought. But then it was a museum, and I’m not really a museum type.


Lo and behold, our friend Winston

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our friend winston, originally uploaded by benaston.

It came as a bit of a surprise, but on Sunday, one of the Molly’s gave birth to a beautiful fry who we’ve named Winston. No eggs, it just popped out. Winston’s mother seems a little embarrassed about the whole situation and is yet to identify herself.

There are two interesting things about this:
1) it’s only mammals that give birth to live young isn’t it?
2) we had no idea that the fish were pregnant in the first place

Despite a few early scares in which Winston was spotted swimming perilously close to the jaws of his Mother, he now seems to have successfully made the transition from swimming in amniotic fluid, to water, without a hitch.

In a blog entry spotted on the interwebsuperhighway, Winston describes himself as ‘ambitious and hungry’.