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September 2008

The earth proclaims the work of his hands

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It was during a discussion with my chums about doing manly things that we decided that we should do the Welsh 3000’s, mainly because the 3 Peaks challenge was too easy.

The initial plan was that we would do a a ‘training’ weekend in Snowdonia as a bit of a warm up. However, it then dawned on us that not only were we far too busy important to have a practise, but that this would spoil the point of the challenge in the first place.

At the time, it seemed like such a good idea, after all, we’d all walked Snowdon before. 21 hours, 30 miles, and 15 peaks later, with the Welsh 3000 complete it wasn’t such a good idea at all – it was very painful, and the hallucinations made it all the more surreal.

The pictures are pretty though.