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Lone Rider

12 Mar

lone cycle, originally uploaded by benaston.

It would appear that the storms have taken their toll on the other cyclists.



12 Mar

Pho, originally uploaded by benaston.

Pho was about to open its doors in Titchfield Street but kindly invited us for a taste of Vietnam to test their kitchen. It’s a bit like Wagamama but tastier and with more manly sized servings. I’ll be going there again.

Go with the Pho.

Titch Charades

12 Mar

Soul, originally uploaded by benaston.

The first round of the Titchfield Charade-fest ended in stalemate with neither team able to snatch a point from the other. In a game that lasted just 2 rounds, the most memorable sketch was Alex trying to act our the ‘is’ in Solaris by simulating peeing on the floor.

Stay classy.