Titchfield Towers bake off

27 Feb

Creek’s Cake of the Caribbean took the gold medal in the latest round of the Dare Titchfield Towers’ bake of series. With 9 baked treats (and one unbaked) in the running, it was a battle fought over presentation, originality, flavour, texture and the mmmmore factor.

Holland had the audacity not to actually bake anything, but with generous dollops of Banoffee Pie, seduced enough votes to once again make an appearance on the rostrum. Aisha’s Bonkers Banana Bread was hardly bonkers, but picked up the bronze thanks to some top marks in the flavour and texture scoring.

I limped in, in 9th place, hampered, in the judges opinion by my lack of originality and beating only Dahlstrom’s Flat Carrot Cake with Walnuts.


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  1. Emma - 1st runner up February 27, 2008 at 10:20 am #

    Gotta hand it to you missus that is one handsome lookin’ sponge

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