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February 2008

Foy Vance live love at Luminaire

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foy vance live in london, originally uploaded by benaston.

Mondays are of course normally reserved for swimming club, but after some serious MySpacing, Steve-fun John persuaded me that this should be an honourable exception.

And so it was that I lent my ears to the boy Foy for the evening at Luminaire accompanied by my larney safa chums, Candice and Ryan.

Foy was insanely amazing – that’s coming from someone who couldn’t actually tell you the name of any of his songs for lack of long term fanmanship. It was a musical joy ride; all the track layering you could hope for, soundhole singing and my favourite, the guitello (playing the strings with a bow of course).

It should be said Luminaire is a great venue – it’s tiny and contends with a tube in rush hour for intimate-ness, but the sound was sweet like chocolate balls.


Titchfield Towers bake off

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Creek’s Cake of the Caribbean took the gold medal in the latest round of the Dare Titchfield Towers’ bake of series. With 9 baked treats (and one unbaked) in the running, it was a battle fought over presentation, originality, flavour, texture and the mmmmore factor.

Holland had the audacity not to actually bake anything, but with generous dollops of Banoffee Pie, seduced enough votes to once again make an appearance on the rostrum. Aisha’s Bonkers Banana Bread was hardly bonkers, but picked up the bronze thanks to some top marks in the flavour and texture scoring.

I limped in, in 9th place, hampered, in the judges opinion by my lack of originality and beating only Dahlstrom’s Flat Carrot Cake with Walnuts.


The mac & cheese bake off

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carnivalaroni, originally uploaded by benaston.

Probably the most inspired idea to come out of Team Sony at Dare so far in 2008 was the mac and cheese bake off; two titans of the macaroni world pitted themselves head to head in a bid to win the coveted title of Best Mac and Cheese Cook.

Carnivale’s brazen take on a nouveau cuisine macaroni asked those perennial questions of the judges – what is mac cheese? Her bold recipe, cooking macaroni without using even macaroni or a cheese sauce was well received and split the judges’ vote.

After long deliberations and third helpings, a single vote dictated that the smoky robustness of Carnivale was not enough to topple Holland’s simple and reassuring take on the classic.

Holland 1 Carnivale 0.