Return of the Shibboleth

By December 7, 2007Uncategorized

DIY Disasters continued, originally uploaded by benaston.

In a cruel twist to the DIY angst already inflicted upon us by Shibboleth, she hit back after she heard of plans to fill her in over the weekend. The decision to concrete over our Shibboleth was taken after a health and safety expert fell into the crevice while attempting to demonstrate how we should negotiate the Shibboleth in the event of a fire. That proved it really.

It was Sunday, I was putting up the new blind and Shibs was now a little upset at the prospect of being permanently erased from memory. As I was gingerly perched on the loo seat (gingerly and perched are probably not entirely accurate, but let’s go with it) I heard an almighty crack and found myself falling. The crevice was certainly deeper than before but kept the water theme as I found myself falling into the depths of the toilet.

Shibs lives.

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