Sandwich maker with experience urgently needed

By November 10, 2007Uncategorized

This badly worded yet ingenious ad is located in the window of a sandwich shop which obviously fancies itself a cut above the rest. Three weeks have passed and yet the ad persists – could it be that no one has made the grade yet?

Cut to: Interior of sandwich shop. Sandwich shop proprietor interviewing potential sandwich maker.

– So, tell me about your sandwich making experience…
– Well, I’ve always liked making cheese and pickle sandwiches.
– (With sarcasm) Oh right, I see, so you think you’ve got experience? Have you ever made an avocado and crayfish sandwich?
– Well no, but isn’t it…
– (Interrupting) Sorry, I had hoped you might have read the ad properly – we need someone with real sandwich experience. Cheese and pickle is no avaocado crayfish sandwich now is it?

Sandwiches available upon request.

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