Sardine Spy Skills

By November 3, 2007Uncategorized

Sardines, originally uploaded by benaston.

The Bowring’s Chiswick residence was the perfect location for the Annual Fulham LG Sardine Tournament (at least I’m sure that’s what it will become). It was a strictly lights off affair and with 3 floors, an attic, basement, and jardin, hiding places were in no short supply.

For the uninitiated, sardines is game similar to hide and seek where only one person hides; the ‘seekers’ must find the person that’s hiding and then hide with them. The last person to find the group that’s hiding is the loser (all good games have a loser). Wikipedia says its a great game for learning spy skills (so it must be true). I certainly used the game to top up my sniper breathing skills, tracking skills and hunting skills.

Oh no, I don’t know anything about editing Wikipedia.

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