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October 2007

Minced up Christmas

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mince pie of the year, originally uploaded by benaston.

You know Christmas is just around the corner when you find yourself tucking into your first mince pie of the season. But there’s all sorts of kefuffle about how long this corner has become. There’s no shortage of people vocalising their discomfort of the desertification (like a desert, not a pudding) of the Christmas season which to their disapproval, seems to extend earlier and earlier each year.

The way around this would be to introduce some kind of festival – an Easter for Autumn if you like, so that we didn’t have to start thinking about Christmas so early. There’s plenty of inspiration we could draw from; a North American style Thanksgiving, or my favourite, (mainly because of the lanterns) a Chinese style Moon Festival.

This way we would have two events to get excited about and ensure we weren’t already bored of Christmas by the time it finally arrives. It would also present the opportunity to create some new kind of seasonal delicacy which can only be a good thing.

That said, I really don’t like moon cakes.