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July 2007

Hello homeowner

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11072007194, originally uploaded by benaston.

Oh yes. Homeowners we are. A little later than planned, but very pleased to have found somewhere. We’re a stone’s throw from our previous abode in Fulham, in a slightly less salubrious location, but it’s ours!

So that you can send us lots of exciting things and pop around for a visit, our address is:

44 Ancill Close, London, W6 8ER

Wormwood scrubs up

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Parklife (2), originally uploaded by benaston.

With the rugby world cup just around the corner, I thought it might be an idea to make a rugby viral. OK, so I can’t take all the credit, but I found myself in Wormwood Scrubs with Josh Lewsey and a very naughty dog called Freddie.

Despite the storms, I look a bit like a lobster.

What’s that coming over the hill – it is a monster

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07072007163, originally uploaded by benaston.

07.07.07 What a beautiful date, and a beautiful day too.

This is of course my favourite monster at the Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition. It’s very rustic and surprisingly big, almost like a dinosaur.