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June 2007


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To help you get in touch, I’ve provided this useful map. Obviously it’s not entirely clear exactly where I live, but if you come to the house and shout really loudly, I might just hear you. Perfect.

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New Family Member – Donald

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donald the clown loach, originally uploaded by benaston.

Last weekend began with a tragic death in the family. One of its most recent recruits, (as you have in all good families) Gary the Clown Loach, passed away in his biorb during his sleep. He is survived by his two brothers Terry and Abednigo.

After the death of such a key family member, and largely because the fish came with a great value 48hr guarantee, today heralded the announcement of a new Clown Loach, probably called Donald. Donald is doing well, he’s not a fussy eater and not as sleepy as Terry.

Donald enjoys swimming and water sports.

Boo to Halifax

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I’ve always had a reserved respect for Halifax, more because of their on-line banking than anything else. But today that respect rapidly slipped away, and it wasn’t because of the latest all singing and dancing TV spot with Howard looking silly, again, either.

There I was, walking up to my former bank of choice, Halifax, very much looking forward to cashing my cheque when Halifax turned its back on me. I found myself standing outside of the bank, next to the sign that read, ‘open 9 – 5’ , staring at the Halifax employee who was turning the key in the lock of the door, and holding up her index finger. She may have been trying to suggest that Halifax was the number one bank for customer service, but that would have been completely wrong, so I have to presume that she meant she’d be back in a minute.

She wasn’t. And so now I don’t like Halifax. Nor should you.