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There’s been a bit of a breakthrough in the – find somewhere to live, front. It’s down south, the deep dark south. Perilously close to all the ‘excitement’ and gun toting cowboys who we’ve been hearing about in recent weeks. What’s more, it’s a high rise.

If you didn’t know what a high rise really was, I think you’d be forgiven in thinking it sounded like it was an interesting and, dare I say it, salubrious place to place. After all, it sounds like it’s high which is normally a positive adjective. But high-rises, aren’t really liked. They’re often of ‘questionable construction’. You have to use lifts. They’re dirty and old. They’re hard to get a mortage on. Oh dear.

I think we’re lost track of the point of this post. What I’m really trying to say is that we’ve had an offer accepted on a 2 bed, split level property, ‘in need of modernisation’ (read in a complete state) in Stockwell, just a minute from the tube and located on the 15th and 16th floors. And yes, that really is a long way up.

Birds nest high in the trees. Birds know best.

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